Personalized Pendants on Anniversaries: A Silent Renewal of the Vows of Love


The beauty of personalized gift items is its novelty and that is distinctly associative of the person who presents it. On special events as anniversaries, only a personalized gift item can express your heart’s feelings to an unmeasured depth. Just as a store bought card can’t do the aptvocalization as it is like telling your own story through someone else’s words, a gift from the shelf of a shop is equally invalid in rendering the sentimental values attached. Now while ornaments make the best picks for anniversaries right off the top of the head, diamond bands and pendants top the chart. Rings surpass the boundaries of age, but scratch that. You must have tried that in all the preceding events of proposing, wedding and whatnot. Let’s try something less predictable this time. This time, let it be a beautiful pendant.

The Design
Design is key. A pendant might sound like a very small thing, but it’s the pearl that illuminates the case. Everything else is just the background. So, whether you want to gift her a gem-studded pendant or a plain one inscribing a few words of love, deciding on the kind of design beforehand may help. For all chances, you will have plenty of varieties to pick from, with the liberty to share your inputs for the final design to be exclusive.

Ideas You Might Use
A custom stamped chained dog tag is a great gift for the cool young girl you claimed. What’s more special however is a hand stamped pendant with a loose floating heart. Your own handwriting makes it a one of a kind piece. Strip necklaces are flying high in fashion at this point. Use your choice of stone or pearl to fill the center and you have picked one of the most treasured jewels for your wife’s collection. If she is a music person, then a treble clef pendant makes sense. But, how to keep it from being prosaic? Add a Swarovski bead or a diamond charm to the piece making it a bunch to hang by a sleek chain.

Some Shine and Shimmer To Go With It
It worries most that pendants might be taken for another pedestrian gift because of the predictability of it. Customization is the way to make any gift twice as special. Because it has your own unique ideas and feelings embedded and engraved, it will be heart-warming for sure. A diamond is a fail-safe way to adorn any piece of jewel. Try colored diamonds for they are currently “in”.

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