The Perfect Proposal- How to Plan It

“How to plan my proposal” – if this is what you are keying in the Google search box, then you sure are either preparing or getting thoughts of proposing to that someone special in your life. Now honestly, there is no self-help on proposal. That’s not because the world is full of dumb ideas and none of that matter in the end, but because each story is different, each story is special. You have to respect that and doing the formulaic is a rather perfunctory move towards something that deserves better.
The moment you go down on your knees (metaphorically or otherwise) to ask the hand of the woman you have grown to love so much that you want to spend every day of the rest of your life with her should be magical, and nothing else. So, what whips up the magic? The personal touch, something you have to figure out by yourself.
So, why are you reading through this long rambling article when you should be raking uphold mementoes or storming your brain for the light bulb to glow? Because it has some ideas that can help. Presented here are some ideas that can spark up new ideas, or give you’re the blocks to build your mission on.

The Questions First
The finishing line should be set at first. How do you want the proposal to be? Do you want it to be in a public place, or in the privacy of your place? Do you want to involve others, or keep it between just the two of you? Will there be an after-dinner, or a small celebrative gathering? Whatever be your ideas and expectations, the ultimate point is to make it perfect.

The Mainframe of the Day 

Though anything customary will only make things pedestrian, there are some things on the list that you have to check. The recipe to a great proposal as many others before you stand crossing their heart to vouch for is the perfect place, people and poetry. Now, where is this perfect place? There is no la la land in this world, so don’t keep scratching on that. Your perfect place could be a mall, a café, a fund raiser venue, a sidewalk of a busy street, a friend’s place, anything. The place where you two first met makes the most sentimentally potent and relevant entry on the list. You may however think up some place where you had spent a wonderful vacation.
Once done with the place, think of the people you may want and practically get to participate. Evidently they will be in the background cheering with misty eyes, while you will be the star of the event making hearts burst with joy. Regardless, you still need some close friends, family and others to join in.
Poetry is not everybody’s strong suit. So replace that with music, light and most definitely romantic, no matter how much you hate it. And if you two have a song, then nothing can beat that.

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