The Perfect Diamond Wedding Band for Her; A Thing Forever


A wedding ring is an artefact that celebrates the bond between two. Notwithstanding the ever-changing kaleidoscope of fashion, it should be timeless in essence as love itself and the very tradition of marriage. Expressing gratitude to the plentitude of options adorning the shelves of palatial jewelry galleries, hundreds of people launch their search every day, in hopes of finding that jewel of jewels, a dazzling diamond wedding band.
It is only recently that stunning rings that are best described as finger bands were rolled out to the clamor for minimalistic, yet chic finger rings. Their makers named them love bands. Soon after, diamond bands for him and her became rife in the market, enjoying undying popularity since.

Of the Prime Three
Diamond encrusted love bands have largely eclipsed the classic princess-cut diamond rings in their obviousness of choice among the to-be-married customers. The taste has shifted from the “sparkling rock at the heart” to slender bands sporting brilliant tiny sparklers along one hemisphere. A galore of designs await to awe the unique taste of each. Diamond bands made of both gold and platinum have diamond crusts. The half circle of 2.2m wide band laid in small round-cut white diamonds is an easy heart-winning pick. The brilliance of the stone when split into many enhances the beauty of the ring to twice.

The more creative a design is, the better imagination it evokes. Emboss is a style that has been imaginatively used by jewelers into making pieces not only more compact, but also complete. For instance, love bands with inlaid diamond designs look a lot rarer than others. Though the prong setting of loose diamonds has been the norm in finger rings, this new style is in reverse. The hollow of the band inside is used to set the stones one after the other. This, for one, spares the use of gold, platinum or whatever the base metal be in that slot. Also, it turns over the very aesthetics of the ring.

Sophistication is what this design is tantamount to
If you are looking for something with some antiquity in the concept, then definitely the bands with milgrain edge is what you should look into. Inspired by jewels made in the Edwardian era, this design has a full circle of diamond crusting, secured in a bead-set. The band in this case grows wider than the usual, but with a proper justification. The stones used are of uniform size and that, most jewelers, allow customization of.

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