Pear Shape Cut diamonds are Gaining Popularity

Pear shape cut diamonds are increasingly popular. While most people know about round cuts, oval shape or even heart shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamonds have gotten little attention. The modern connoisseur is trying to gravitate from the commonplace, giving the less noticed pear diamond a place in the spotlight.

When a pear shape is set just right at the center of a ring, the wearer’s finger will appear slimmer and longer. Other people are drawn to this cut because of its resemblance to a tear drop. Since it is almost always set in solitaire, most people realize that it can actually stand on its own without embellishments.

When you are looking for a perfect pear cut diamond, make sure the stone is well balanced. The right and left curves should be uniform, and the wide end ought to be rounded, not flat. The design of the diamond needs to look symmetrical and pleasant for the eye to behold. You should also make sure that the tip is sharp yet set in a prong so as to prevent chipping.

There are different varieties of the pear shaped diamonds with some being wider while others are simply narrower. What determines the shape is supposed to be the end use of the stone. While an earring will require one that is narrow, what will be used for a solitaire ring will definitely need to be wider than the former. This is perhaps one of the differences that the pear shape cut diamond has that gives it an advantage on the others; it can fit snuggly into different forms of jewelry.

The most important thing that you are going to consider when buying a pear shape cut diamond ring is the degree of bow tie effect that it comes with. This refers to a dark area that almost resembles a man’s bow tie. You can easily ascertain the degree of the bow tie effect by personally scrutinizing the jewelry piece you are trying to buy. You may want to ask a professional diamond consultant to assist you in this area.

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