Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings among Celebs

The pear is a special cut, and even in diamonds where all cuts are unique, it stands out on its own. Loved for its unusual shape and unmissable symmetry, this cut has turned into a sensation in today’s market. The likes of Katherine Heigl and Victoria Beckham have endorsed this cut taking it to heights of popularity among the masses. If you have lost your heart to this spectacular cut and are looking for inspirations or encouragement to go with it for your engagement ring, then here are some celebrities who have worn a princess cut diamond on their engagement ring with great panache.

Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings among Celebs

Mia Farrow
Go back a couple decades and we have Mia Farrow. The style icon who married Frank Sinatra got a pear-cut diamond engagement ring from Sinatra. If you haven’t seen the ring, there are plenty of pictures available on Google. Although their marriage didn’t last, the ring went down as one of the most unforgettable engagement rings worn by a celebrity.

Victoria Beckham
More recently Victoria Beckham wore a pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring which stunned even her glitterati friends. The ring featured a humongous diamond which weighed between 15 ct and 17ct. The ring with its massive rock is truly a stunner, and a worthy addition to Mrs. Beckham’s burgeoning collection of engagement baubles.

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova’s engagement was a highly publicized event in the media. Her sparkler too got copious attention and for good reason. The former tennis player flaunted a pink diamond engagement ring which wowed the crowd by its sheer size and grandeur. The ring featured a pear cut diamond the size of 11 carat. It was fancy pink in color and was flanked by two clear trillion diamonds on the side.

Ariana Grande
As a confirmation of the supposition that the pear cut is back in the scene, Pete Davidson chose a spectacular pear-cut diamond engagement ring to propose to his then girlfriend. Although the two remained engaged for a while, it broke off tragically following the accidental death of Grande’s erstwhile boyfriend Mac Miller. The ring featured a grand pear cut diamond which was gigantic with a superb halo around it.

Paris Hilton
Although not the last on the list to get engaged, Paris Hilton accepted a show stopping pear shaped engaged ring from her fiancé Chris Zylka sometime in 2018. The ring supposedly cost 2 million dollars.

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