A Guide to Pairing Jewelry with Different Necklines

To put together the perfect ensemble, you need to get the little things right. You might have heard enough about the importance of getting the necklace and the neckline right already. But, what about when you choose not to wear a neckpiece? It’s not exactly an adlib there. In fact, there is still a method that works for necklines and jewelry. Just follow it whenever you need, but don’t forget to bring in your own twist to the assemble. So, let’s take a look at how you can make your outfits and jewelry more interesting by putting the right things together.



A Guide to Pairing Jewelry with Different Necklines
The best thing that goes with a strapless neckline is a short necklace that only touches the dent between the collarbones and a nice bracelet. When your neckline is deep and the shoulders are bare, less can seem more. So, to stand out, you need something of a statement piece. A necklace and a pair of earrings are mutually exclusive in this case. You have to make a choice or two gaudy pieces together will ruin the combination. Instead, make up for it with a broad bangle or a chunky cuff piece.



A Guide to Pairing Jewelry with Different Necklines
The perfect match for a scoop neck top or dress is again, a short necklace and of course, stud earrings. The whole point of a scoop neck is to invite attention to the bosoms. Don’t crowd it up with a scarf or stole. Instead, use it to hang a short neckpiece around your neck that decorates your neck without obstructing the view. Studs may seem too small, but not when you wear your hair up in a bun or roll. Besides, studs are your go-to gems for necklines like off-shoulder, strapless, scoop neck and turtlenecks.



A Guide to Pairing Jewelry with Different Necklines
The plunging V neckline might tempt you into wearing a nice necklace, but resist. Instead, wear a chunky ring and a nice bracelet. And yes, you guessed it right, both should go in one hand, preferably right, but you can take a pick. This tip also applies to deep V dresses with bracelet sleeves.
For illusion necklines, try the precious danglers. And when you have a dress that has a sheer neckline, it’s time to take out that chunky gemmed ring from the jewelry box. Its okay to wear the dramatic ones for they will only highlight the gown further drawing attention to the bling and sparklers.

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