Pair Up Your Jewelry with Your Attire

Accessorizing attires has been one of the most mind-numbing and nerve-wrecking of tasks, and whether you admit it or not, no one is a fan of it. Just as there is a way of doing most things, there is a simple formula to jewelry pairing too, and that road is past the dark alleys of temptation. Making a jewelry ensemble to go with an outfit is particularly difficult when your jewelry box is overflowing with choices. But, it needn’t have to be so cumbersome, as long as you have the rules and priorities in place.

Go Neck Bare if You Have Chandeliers for Ears
If you have a pair of chandelier earrings to go with your flashy gown, don’t care to rifle through your treasures for a neckpiece. You don’t need any, as long as you have tasteful and heavy earrings. Drop or chandelier earrings are quite showy and heavy in themselves. You cannot overdo it if you pair them with a neckpiece, even a light one at that. But since all eyes will be on the rings dangling from your ears, make sure to pick one that makes most sense to your attire. This rule of thumb goes for drop earrings too.

No Need for Earrings When You Have a Meaty Neckpiece
Yes, it’s either, or. If you are not a fan of earrings because they hurt your ear lobes and also bruise the sides of your face, keep them bare. Instead, make it up with a nice neckpiece that will do for both. Neckpieces that are elaborate and embellished work great to make statements, whether or not you have a bare shoulder to sport them on. As long as you have that, you can skip the pair called danglers. However, try to do your hair in a way that doesn’t expose your ears too much or the missing earrings will be easy to notice.

Tiaras Don’t; Really Go with Neckpieces
Last but not the least, headpieces are great, but they don’t just go with neckpieces. So, if you wish to complete your attire with a pretty headband, don’t worry about what to adorn your neck with. It will look best without anything. However, do not forget to pair the headpiece with suitable earrings, preferably big, if you are going to wear a gorgeous gown for the event.

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