Epitome of love and Affection

Mark special occasions with your sweetheart with beautiful diamonds. The light within the stone reflects the happiness you feel whenever you see your beloved. Every little rainbow and flash that comes from an expert cut embodies every smile exchanged between the two of you. Contemporary jewelry offers spectacular cuts and exclusive designs, allowing you to […]

Anniversary Rings with a Prong Setting

When purchasing diamond anniversary rings, the most popular setting that you will find is the prong set. In this mount, thin wires made of gold or platinum hug the side of the diamond and curve over the top edge to hold the jewel in place. These pieces are attached to the base of the ring, […]

Choose Quality Diamonds from ValentinMagro.com

For thousands of years, artists have transformed ore and rock into masterpieces anyone would be proud to wear. Better tools and understanding of a jewel’s nature have turned plain dark stones into diamonds with superior brilliance and fire. It’s no surprise they attract passionate connoisseurs. Diamonds are the best gift for making any occasion unforgettable. […]

Special Diamonds for Your Anniversary Ring

Special Diamonds for Your Anniversary Ring

Anniversaries are special events, making the choice of diamond anniversary rings important as well. To make the occasion an extraordinary experience, the couple can opt for rare diamond cut options when buying their rings instead of just the usual round brilliants. Many jewelers offer stones with more than twenty different cuts to choose from. The […]