High Quality Loose Diamonds

Choosing from a wide selection of diamond jewelry is a luxurious experience. However, those seeking a one-of-a-kind creation may prefer a different approach. Purchasing loose diamonds and bringing them to your jeweler of choice allows for greater flexibility in achieving the style you desire. Unmounted diamonds make an excellent investment, as they are always in […]

It’s all about the Diamond in an Engagement Ring

The time has come to propose and you must consider what to do about the ring. While times have changed and a diamond ring isn’t crucial, it is still central to an engagement. Selecting the right jewel is a personal decision, these days more couples are selecting the ring together, whether by looking online or […]

Celebrate a Major Milestone With an Anniversary Diamond Ring

The exchange of marriage vows isn’t the highlight of a relationship, but the first of many to be celebrated together. Of special note are wedding anniversaries, particularly those that honor like your 10th, 25th and 50th years. Your special moments call for special gifts. What better choice for your loving and faithful spouse than diamond […]

Diamond Bracelets for any occasion

Diamond bracelets add a touch of refined elegance to an outfit, especially if one dislikes wearing overly loud jewelry. Bracelets are classy and understated, reflecting the sophistication of the wearer. They can be worn day or night, accenting an evening gown or corporate attire. Diamond bracelets can even be worn daily if one is so […]

Exclusive Diamonds and Rings from ValentinMagro.com

Diamond and platinum jewelry are quite popular, their cost and value keeps increasing with time. Not only are they tokens of love and trust, they enhance a classy face and personality. Some people wear diamond jewels to prosper according to their zodiac sign. At one time, only the wealthy could own these bright commodities because […]

Desire for Diamond Jewelry

Looking beautiful is a common desire. When you feel happy from inside, a glow comes to your face, enhancing your appearance. There are many occasions in life where looking wonderful provides an unforgettable essence. It is important that one feels happy from inside and this happiness can come by receiving utmost love and care from […]

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

If you haven’t thought about diamond heart pendants while looking for a Mother’s Day gift, perhaps it’s time. This type of gift usually comes to mind when shopping for our life’s companion; however, everyone should remember the other important people in their lives. The thrill of receiving a heart diamond on Mother’s Day will symbolize […]

Looking for the perfect engagement ring

The engagement ceremony plays an important role in you and your other half’s lives. Engagement rings mounted with an unbreakable diamond is an ideal symbol for the new phase in your bond. Diamond engagement rings for many years often came in the form of a gold band with a solitaire diamond setting. Today platinum is […]

Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

Whatever the occasion, a sparkling jewel can set the heart racing. Diamond jewelry is where luxury and art come together, forming a symbol of everlasting love. To own your own diamond is to possess a legend in the making. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone known to humanity. They are at once beautiful and resistant to […]

Epitome of love and Affection

Mark special occasions with your sweetheart with beautiful diamonds. The light within the stone reflects the happiness you feel whenever you see your beloved. Every little rainbow and flash that comes from an expert cut embodies every smile exchanged between the two of you. Contemporary jewelry offers spectacular cuts and exclusive designs, allowing you to […]