Read important details about the cushion cut diamond

Cushion cuts are an old fashioned type of diamond cut, popular for large amounts of the 18th and 19th centuries. Initially designed to preserve carat size, this shape is often squarish or rectangular with rounded corners. Innovations such as the round brilliant caused the cushion cut to fade out of popularity. In recent years, responding […]

The Intensity of Radiant Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are fairly young, debuting in the 1970s. They’re similar to princess cut diamonds in that both are square shaped and cut for fire and scintillation. While princess cuts show diagonal lines when viewed from the top down, radiant cut diamonds have facets scattered seemingly every which way. The brightness of radiant diamonds […]

Pear Diamonds and their Hanging Beauty

True to its name, pear shaped diamond is a fancy cut with one round end and a pointed tip. Though the cut dates back as far as the 1400s, pear diamonds were dark for centuries. It wasn’t until the 1700s that diamond cutters found a way to facet this shape into brilliance. Pears are popular […]

Oval Diamonds Eternity Band

The Versatility of this elongated stone

As their name suggests, oval shaped stones are jewels that are elongated circles. Like the marquise, the oval cut appears larger than its weight, making it an economical jewel. Its shape also lends itself to multiple stone pieces with jewels of different cuts. An oval diamond can accompany almost any other cut and look harmonious. […]

The Slender Elegance of a Marquise Cut Diamond

According to lore, the marquise diamond cut was created in 1745 at the behest of French king Louis XV. It was the year his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, became a Marquise, and he wanted a luxurious commemoration. Marquise cut diamonds are an elongated oval with two pointed ends, said to resemble the shape of the […]

A pear cut diamond for your ring

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Designers offer a wealth of cuts for connoisseurs to choose from. Pear cut diamonds have a unique look that is equally suitable as a central stone as on the side. Different styles of rings which make use of pear cut diamonds often have curved sides or ornate mounts. […]

Three Row Diamond Motif Tube Necklace

Diamonds are special gifts

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other occasion – a gift plays a vital role in bringing a smile to your loved one’s face. With so many gift ideas available on the market today, there’s one that’s definitely noticeable, diamond jewelry. Diamonds are elegant, adding charm to the wearer as well as an […]

Circle and Tear Drop Diamond Earrings

Diamonds Add Elegance

Diamonds are bright, reflecting white light and every color of the rainbow. No matter your ensemble, diamonds add elegance to your appearance. With the help of designer jewelry, you will look your best. Shopping for diamond jewelry online is easier than ever. Reputable stores provide wholesale products, purchasing services that cater all your needs, as […]

The Flexibility of Loose Diamonds

Some enjoy diamonds for their own sake. Others find a beautiful jewel and seek to find a setting worthy of the stone. Still more wish to customize the jewelry of their dreams. For all of these people, loose diamonds are an excellent option. Without mountings getting in the way, one can examine a loose diamond […]

Phenomenal Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are among the most beautiful diamond cuts. They have the longest facets of any diamond cut, underscoring the clarity and color of the jewel. Along with specialized features, emerald cut diamonds are well suited to many different types of settings. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, cushion cut diamonds […]