Asscher Cut Diamonds—A Rare Jewel

The Asscher cut diamond was named for the Asscher brothers who developed this diamond cut in 1902. Similar to emerald cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds have cropped corners, giving them eight sides while still resembling a square or rectangle. Until a few years ago, this style of diamond cut was hard to find. The Asscher […]

Colored Stone and Diamond Rings

As beautiful as diamonds are, some people prefer color on their rings. There is an abundance of colored gemstones on the market, though many of them don’t have the brilliance or fire of a diamond. Rings mounted with both diamonds and colored stones bring the best attributes of both stones to a design. Sometimes they […]

Romantic and Unconventional Marquise Diamonds

Some designer engagement rings have been popular for so long they’re regarded as classics. The round brilliant cut diamond solitaire is one such example. Step cut diamonds such as emerald cuts have also made a name for themselves on engagement rings. Heart engagement rings are popular with couples who have a sentimental streak. Those who […]

Romantic Loose Stones

If there’s an important someone in your life, perhaps you’d like to give them a gift reflecting how much they mean to you. Diamond jewelry comes to mind, but finding the right piece, the one that best expresses your feelings, can be a challenge. Heart shaped loose diamonds may help you with your search. Hearts […]

Caring for your pearls

The Appeal of Designer Rings

Most people who buy diamond rings seek styles they find beautiful, perfectly matching their tastes. Often, they want their purchase to be in a unique style that makes others stop and stare. Designer rings, a culmination learning, expertise and imagination, may be the answer. At, we have over 30 years’ experience transforming diamond rings […]

Why Should You Choose Certified Diamonds?

Diamonds are often high value investment – both financially and emotionally. You expect superior quality and hassle free maintenance from your diamond jewelry. Hence, making an informed buying decision is important in every piece of diamond you purchase. Before spending astronomical amounts on that perfect diamond engagement ring, take time to consider the importance and […]

Multi-Diamond Engagement Rings are a great choice!

If one diamond in an engagement ring is good, a few more may be better. This is possibly the most important ring a person will receive in their lifetime. Diamonds can be eye clean, appearing flawless to the naked eye. If you’re looking at a diamond with outlines other than round, it’s called a fancy […]

Diamonds: A Never Ending Affair of Sparkle and Passion

Beautiful. Cherished. Rare. Jewelers and connoisseurs have sung paeans about this dazzling gemstone. Well, we can never have enough of diamonds. Every diamond sold at Valentin Magro is a phenomenal conclusion to a lifetime of passion, science, and artistry. There is hardly anyone amongst us who can be called a diamond novice. Innumerable elaborate marketing […]

Diamond Earrings Associated with Romance

Not only are diamond earrings popular and beautiful they carry connotations of romance and love. We’ve all heard the saying, “diamonds are forever,” symbolizing the long-lasting properties of this much loved gem. Real diamond jewelry is a big investment. Most of us want to make the best choices possible. Certified diamond earrings can be your […]