Emerald Cut Diamonds Are Fit For Royalty

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular stepped cut stones with cropped corners. The cut was originally developed as a way to facet emeralds without leaving them vulnerable to accidental damage. In time, jewelers used this cut on other gemstones, especially diamonds due to the faceting, emerald cut diamonds sparkle less than round brilliant cut diamonds, though […]

Diamond Gift Ideas for the Special Someone

Diamonds symbolize luxury; they denote the love that an individual has for another. It’s no surprise that they are the perfect gifts for the special someone in your life. What do you choose? This question often makes it difficult for you to decide. Here are a few diamond gift ideas that are perfect for the […]

A Union of Simplicity, Significance, and Beauty

If you come to think of it, the age-old tradition of marriage still enjoys quite popularity (a wedding industry worth billions of dollar stands testament to our never-ending fascination with marriage). Despite our proclivity for blindly following fads or fashion trends in every possible aspect of our life, fortunately, the charm and appeal of gold […]

Halo Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

Seven Steps to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

You have decided to propose; now, it’s time to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Why is this so important? You need to make sure that when you bring out the ring and pop the question, she is impressed with it. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice. Step 1: […]

Romantic Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings represent the love two people have for one another. Their feelings underscored by many symbols, such as the hardness of the diamond highlighting the strength of the couple’s bond. Another is wearing the engagement ring on a finger once believed to possess a vein that ran directly to the heart. Some couples […]

Give Her Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year, when people are seen gearing up to celebrate love. While chocolates, flowers, gifts, dinner date are some of the most common medium to show your love to your loved one, proposing marriage on this day is also a very romantic thought. So if you are already thinking […]

Five Engagement Ring Trends to Look Out for

With the plan to propose come the dilemma – how do you find the perfect engagement ring for her? Some just take a look at a particular piece and know it’s the one. But most often, men are clueless about which one to choose. Moreover, the range of choices available adds to the confusion and […]

Asscher Cut Diamonds—A Rare Jewel

The Asscher cut diamond was named for the Asscher brothers who developed this diamond cut in 1902. Similar to emerald cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds have cropped corners, giving them eight sides while still resembling a square or rectangle. Until a few years ago, this style of diamond cut was hard to find. The Asscher […]

Colored Stone and Diamond Rings

As beautiful as diamonds are, some people prefer color on their rings. There is an abundance of colored gemstones on the market, though many of them don’t have the brilliance or fire of a diamond. Rings mounted with both diamonds and colored stones bring the best attributes of both stones to a design. Sometimes they […]