White Metals Lead the Way for Men’s Wedding Bands

Thanks to an ever-evolving fashion sensibility, the world of men’s jewelry has experienced feverish expansion both in design and materials used. Nevertheless, wedding bands remain one of the most popular choices for men around the world. In recent years, white metals – metals with a translucent pallor and not that of gold, copper, or other […]

Pavé Diamond Band: A Stunning Silhouette

When it comes to pumping up the sparkle of your ring, nothing beats the splendor of the classic pavé diamond ring. ‘Pavé’ is a unique setting style where a cluster of small gemstones is set collectively to create a single continuous surface of dazzling gemstones. And the result is always fascinatingly brilliant! A pavé engagement […]

Diamond Bands: Scintillating Sparkle for Someone Special

Nothing flatters a brilliant woman more than the finely crafted expanse of a diamond band. Featuring endless rows of perfectly matched, breathtaking translucent and colored diamonds showcased in the finest platinum, and 18k or 14k gold, a diamond band is enough to make an electrifying impression. Whether you are considering a minimalist engagement ring or […]

The History of Wedding Bands

The culture and institution of marriage has undergone a remarkable change over the past centuries. And throughout this evolution, the symbolic wedding band has remained a constant. An age-old custom that has experienced transformations in appearance yet sustained its eternal connotations in the heart of the couple. Wedding bands represent the eternity of a union […]

Tips to Buy a Perfect Wedding Band Perfectly

The pre-wedding scene is usually one of upheavals, unless of course, preparations are started way ahead and done in a much organized manner. In order to ensure, that the marriage ceremony takes place smoothly, you need to take care of a host of things. But the one crucial thing without which a marriage cannot happen […]

Wedding Bands for Women: Sparkling Promise of an Enduring Companionship

The secret of finding a stunning and perfect wedding band for the special woman in your life is in its quality, uniqueness, and intricate detailing. Her wedding band should be the centerpiece of attention, just like her, on that extraordinary day. A truly individual and personal symbol of commitment and love, wedding bands for women […]

Pave Wedding Bands: An Unmatched Beauty

A day that will forever be etched in our memory is our wedding day. Every small detail and incidences pertaining to it will become a part of it. Years later as we reflect on all those moments that contributed in making the wedding memorable, consciously or unconsciously we will look down at our wedding band […]

How to Choose a Stunning Wedding Band

You have purchased a striking engagement ring, pulled off a perfect proposal, and learned a lot in the process. Now it is ‘the’ time to set your sight on the wedding band. Start here with these handy tips.   The Fundamentals The key categories of wedding bands include the classic plain and gemstone studded with […]

Eternity Wedding Band: An Endless Bond of Togetherness

For the uninitiated, a continuous line of diamonds on a metal band makes a stunning eternity wedding band. One of the most sought-after choices in the wedding band segment, the eternity ring comes in a wide array of designs. The styles of eternity wedding bands include half or full eternity, representing either a half circle […]

Diamond Bands: Flattering for Any Occasion

When it comes to versatility and elegance in jewelry, diamonds win hands down. The universal appeal of this lustrous gemstone speaks volumes about its universal popularity as an ideal ornament for all occasions. Diamond bands are naturally chic and classically beautiful. With a diamond band, rest assured about making a head-turning statement. Endless Appearances of […]