Create an Everlasting Union with Diamond Eternity Bands

The startling sparkle of diamond eternity bands is meant for a love that shall last forever. A luminous circle of stunningly collated diamonds, a diamond eternity band is the ideal way to celebrate your nuptials, anniversaries, or simply the preciousness of your beloved. Crafted by the finest of artisans and with an indulgent spell of […]

The Magic and Allure of Diamond Bands

A perfect way to celebrate your relationship is celebrating the special person who makes it complete and fulfilling. When words fail to communicate your deepest emotions, a stunning diamond anniversary band can speak volumes about those unexpressed sentiments. Giving voice to your passions, an exquisite piece of jewelry will do all the talking that remained […]

A Diamond Wedding Band is an Eloquent Accessory for Endless Celebration

A wedding is an occasion of celebration. It is a celebration of companionship, union, love, and commitment. Make it memorable and spectacular with an eloquent diamond wedding band. Seal your wedding vows with stunning diamond bands that conforms to exclusive personal style. You can choose your band in wide variety of metals and designs. From […]

A Guide to Buying Wedding Bands

At Valentin Magro, we believe that your wedding band ought to be the centerpiece of your special day. A truly unique and personal symbol of commitment and love, a wedding band represents the passage of togetherness. No wonder, most of us find the task of choosing a wedding band a bit intimidating. If you thought, […]

Lustrous, Striking, and Evocative: Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands, just like the name suggests, symbolizes a never-ending circle of love. An eternity ring, also referred as infinity ring, is a gold or platinum band embraced by a continuous line of identically shaped diamonds. Though can be gifted on any occasion, diamond eternity bands are traditionally given on a significant anniversary, typically […]

Guide to Buying a Diamond Anniversary Band

The special days of our lives should be commemorated in the most special manner. So when it comes to celebrating a milestone anniversary, the moment should be sealed with the most precious gift. There is nothing like renewing your commitment to one another on that day and re-living the moment in all its initial glory […]

Sparkling Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

Diamond bands are often made with women in mind; wedding bands for men are usually plain metal, or have a few modest stones. Wedding bands for women band can be a simple or ornate as the wearer wishes. A number of diamond lovers enjoy the symbolism of an eternity band, where a row of jewels […]

The Romantic Meanings of Rings

Engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings are worn as expressions of love between a committed couple. These bands, their gemstones, embellishments and designs are filled with symbols which underscore the pair’s devotion to one another. Even the finger these rings are worn upon is a sign of romance, referencing a vein said to lead […]

A Guide to Diamond Accents

If you have already been a part of a diamond jewelry buying expedition, you must have surely come across the phrase ‘diamond accents’. It is a term that is commonly used by the salesman, jewelers or designers whilst explaining the nitty-gritty of the diamond jewelry. Diamond accents are basically small, visible diamonds that augment the […]

A Wish List of Holiday Blings

A Wish List of Holiday Blings

The holiday season might be most of the year away, but it’s never too early to start preparing for it. Starting with wardrobe to jewelry, the scale of celebration common in the holiday season demands everything new. So, don’t wait till the last minute to build your treasure collection for this year’s gala. We have […]