Wedding band from men

Wedding Bands for Men

Rings Less Examined Talk of wedding rings often focuses on wedding bands for women. They can be as understated or extravagant as the wearer desires. The diamonds on these rings may be a few large stones, many smaller ones or something out of the ordinary. Men’s wedding bands are often designed to be simple, with […]

The Origins of the Wedding Ring

The Origins of the Wedding Ring

The practice of wearing a ring after marriage dates back thousands of years. Wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as a way of connecting love and marriage. Legend spoke of a vein on this finger that led directly to the heart. Wedding rings are still about love, though the […]

The Two Available Styles of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share with your partner and the time you have spent together and the future you have with one another. But sadly, so much thought goes into the selection and designing of engagement rings that there is not enough mental energy left to spare on wedding rings. […]

Wedding and Engagement Rings: The Types That Make the Choices

Historically, an engagement ring is the artefact a man presents to his ladylove to announce the intention of marriage. However, that has an inside significance. Prior to modern times, engagement rings used to be the mark of commitment that a man needed to afford to claim a lady from her family. She wore it until […]

Singling Out the Most Unique Wedding Ring from the Shelf

If you think reasonably, you would know that the duty of finding each other the most beautiful wedding ring is the most daunting of all the nuptial works. It needs time and labor to do the search and enough mind-racing to know what you are looking for, in its exactness. Fast forward to a few […]

Wedding and Engagement Rings: Different or Alike?

Rings hold a very special place in the hearts of their owners. They always have a value greater than their material worth because of the sentiments attached. Of all the pieces that make it to the ornament box or the vault, engagement and wedding rings are usually the most prized. What establishes that is the […]

What is so Special about an Eternity Wedding Band

At first glance, the eternity bands will evoke in you the ultimate feeling of eternal love. Diamond eternity bands are timeless. They look spectacular from every angle when crafted in the finest way. They are a very popular style of diamond ring and can be used both as a wedding band and engagement ring. Eternity […]

The Prettiest Eternity Bands Money Can Buy

The concept of rings being the emblem of marriage sprang from the fact that a circle, that all rings are, do not have a start, nor end. Since the ends meet in a continuum, it signifies the eternal nature of love, and its bearings. Speaking of that, eternity rings make the most relevant artefact to […]

The Perfect Diamond Wedding Band for Her; A Thing Forever

A wedding ring is an artefact that celebrates the bond between two. Notwithstanding the ever-changing kaleidoscope of fashion, it should be timeless in essence as love itself and the very tradition of marriage. Expressing gratitude to the plentitude of options adorning the shelves of palatial jewelry galleries, hundreds of people launch their search every day, […]