Dazzle Your Beloved with a Well-Planned Proposal

You have decided to take your relationship to the next level and get engaged. The only problem – you have no clue about how to do it right! Many men face this dilemma. But it need not be so difficult. With a little thought, it can be the best proposal ever. Here are a few […]

These Rings Blend Effervescence with Exceptionality

Universally regarded as the second most admired choice of diamond after the round brilliant, the princess cut diamond has been steadily gaining in popularity around the world. With its brilliant faceting and unique square shape, the princess cut diamond combines the finest of diamond world – gleaming brilliance and exceptional fancy shape.   The Round […]

Unique Engagement Rings– How Amazing and Fabulous Can They Be

No two brides have the same likes and preferences, just like no two weddings have the same style and theme. So there’s no point looking for engagement rings that are boringly similar to one another in style and appearance. For all those non-traditional brides looking for unique engagement rings, the good news is that there […]

White Gold Engagement Rings – Charmingly Classic Yet Amazingly Modern

An exquisitely designed engagement ring is used to convey your love and commitment to the very special person you choose to spend your life with. In contemporary times, engagement rings almost invariably refer to diamond rings, which make for one of the most beautiful ways of saying, ‘I Love You’. While yellow gold is one […]

The Allure and Individuality of Unique Engagement Rings

Gone are the days when hearts were won with predictably monochromatic diamond engagement rings! Though a fairly common and highly regarded choice when it comes to engagement rings, conventional diamond rings have given way to more imaginative and individualistic options. The art and fashion of contemporary jewelry design has left an impact on the customary […]

What Women look for in an Engagement Ring

Women’s style do not center around the same fashion trend. They change with the evolving trend and with the season. Hence, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, it may sound difficult to buy the one that best represents her personality. But a careful survey of her lifestyle will reveal a lot and much […]

Romantic Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings represent the love two people have for one another. Their feelings underscored by many symbols, such as the hardness of the diamond highlighting the strength of the couple’s bond. Another is wearing the engagement ring on a finger once believed to possess a vein that ran directly to the heart. Some couples […]

Romantic Loose Stones

If there’s an important someone in your life, perhaps you’d like to give them a gift reflecting how much they mean to you. Diamond jewelry comes to mind, but finding the right piece, the one that best expresses your feelings, can be a challenge. Heart shaped loose diamonds may help you with your search. Hearts […]

Oval Diamonds Eternity Band

The Versatility of this elongated stone

As their name suggests, oval shaped stones are jewels that are elongated circles. Like the marquise, the oval cut appears larger than its weight, making it an economical jewel. Its shape also lends itself to multiple stone pieces with jewels of different cuts. An oval diamond can accompany almost any other cut and look harmonious. […]

What’s in a Wedding Ring?

After exchanging your vows, why not show the world how happy the two of you are? Your wedding rings are not only a reminder of love and faithfulness, but a tangible sign of the joy you feel everyday. As a symbol for your new heights in life, the two of you should only look for […]