Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval-cut diamonds are in this year. Aside having staggering carat advantage, this cut has a vintage quality about it. Loved for both, oval diamonds are the new fad in the engagement ring genre. As people’s taste in engagement rings is diversifying wildly, the fancy cuts are finding their way into the hearts of people. Oval cut is one of the first few fancy cuts that have made it to the engagement ring section subsiding the central and classic cuts like princess and round. The oval cut makes the ideal choice of gem for an engagement ring for multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Aesthetic Reasons
The first thing that an oval-cut diamond appeals to a buyer by is its superior aesthetics. As mentioned earlier, oval-cut gems have a distinctive vintage feel which is hard to ignore. The subtle oblong shape makes room for a bigger table and a multitude of facets which scale up the play of light. More sparkling than many fancy cuts, the oval cut also gives the finger an advantage of shape which round-cut gems are short of. The oval shape makes short and broad fingers appear shapelier than usual.

The reason oval cut is also popular is its inexpensiveness. The oval cut gives the gems a size advantage which is not the same for other cuts. Its oblong shape is engineered to make any stone appear slightly larger than it really is. That’s why no matter the carat of a stone, when cut into an oval shape, it appears substantially large. With oval-cut diamonds, buyers can afford bigger-looking stones for a much smaller price. The cut gives the stones a flat shape which appears bigger when set in the ring.

A Favorite of Celebs
If you like to follow the trend in fashion, then there is ample reason to get an oval-cut diamond engagement ring at this point. In Hollywood, this cut has recently rose to popularity with the likes of Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston picking it for their engagement rings. A highly coveted cut at this point, the shape came to light after Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince Charles, where the latter proposed to the Duchess with a lovely oval-cut sapphire floating engagement ring. The ring became an instant hit among the ladies and soon replicas started to land in the market. That was probably where the fad first started.

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