What are the options under Men’s Wedding Bands?


It’s about time you bid goodbye to the traditional flat, simple, gold or platinum wedding band for men. Today, the options under men’s wedding bands have proliferated so much that a ton of thoughts now needs to be given at the time of selecting. A wedding band is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life and considering the lifestyle of the men, it should not only be comfortable and elegant but should also not pose as a hindrance in their day to day activities.

Let us take a look at the myriads of options under men’s wedding bands:

Men’s Wedding Bands in Different Metal Types: Traditionally, men’s wedding bands were fashioned out of metals like yellow or white gold, and thus, was a matter of limited choice. Today, the metal choice under men’s wedding bands have widened to include heavier metals like cobalt, platinum, tungsten, titanium, etc. The fact that they are scratch and dent resistant makes them an ideal choice for a men’s wedding band.

Dark colored Wedding Bands: The look of silver or gold wedding band is now increasingly giving way to dark colored wedding bands like dark grey or black. They are normally found in darker tungsten or darker titaniums. They are already a popular trend that is being sported by celebrities all over and it is a matter of time before it becomes popular among the general mass too.

Patterned Wedding Bands: A popular twist on the conventional wedding bands for men is the use of a wide variety of patterns. In this style, two-toned bands are created from a blend of two different metals which are then engraved with a number of beautiful patterns. While wave and woven are two popular choices, milgrain is another upcoming trend. They are simple yet intricately designed.

Wedding Band with Gemstones: For those who wish for a little bling, wedding band embedded with gemstones like diamond, rubies, sapphires are an endearing option. Though rings with stones require proper maintenance and care yet, they are a popular choice for many. The diamond channel setting is a trend that is widely being flaunted today. The eternity wedding band is also being much admired by today’s men.

Hammered Wedding Band: A wedding band trend which is increasingly becoming popular today is the hammered wedding band. In this style, a metal band of your choice, is given a hammered look as if a tiny hammer has pounded the metal. This creates a unique textured effect.

Other beautiful options are the sculptural wedding band, message engraved wedding band, horizontal gemstone wedding band, the matte look wedding band, etc. Needless to say, the choice under men’s wedding bands are growing and contrary to popular beliefs, it now takes a lot of time and thought to get one for your would-be. So make sure you have done your homework before you venture out to purchase one.

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