On Loose Diamonds and the Ensuing Freedom of Personalization

As far as diamonds are concerned, the more the merrier. So, odds are in disfavor of you ever finding yourself in possession of too many diamonds. With that bit straightened out, I’m hoping the relevance of this article is going to be through and through, for all ages and sexes.
Today, we will discuss about loose diamonds, a new merchandise that has become widely available in stores recently. Even up until a decade, loose diamonds were few and far between, and whoever else it is, the sellers were not the jewelry retailers. The jewelers obtained their diamonds from dealers who were, what we say, obscure to the common buyers. So, to say it plainly, the retailers were our sole source of gems, and early on, gems were not sold outside of jewelry.

On Loose Diamonds and the Ensuing Freedom of Personalization

But, now, things have changed. Customizability has robbed sellers of control and following the lead of a few proponents, the entire jewelry industry has surrendered their autonomy, letting the customers be the deciders of the nitty gritty of their purchases, for the first time. The availability of loose diamonds is only a harbinger of that revolution.
So now, you have loose diamonds available for purchase separately in most stores. Anyone with a sense of humor will be able to see the semblance of present jewelry making with the salad counters at supermarkets. Buyers are bestowed complete liberty to find their gems, choose their metals, order a design, and even specify the details. At the end of that process, the jewelry that arrives at their door is personalization at its best.

So, when all sounds hunky-dory for the customers, what should they be mindful of now, when purchasing loose diamonds? There are two things to mind when purchasing loose diamonds- first is an ethical matter and second, buyers’ prudence.
Not all diamonds are ethically sourced. You must know that already. So, what you don’t want to buy is blood diamonds or diamonds that procure funds for hostile causes in war-struck parts of the world. Clean diamonds are what you want.
So, having ensured that, you want to move on to the evaluation stage where you probe into the 4Cs of the diamond. An average buyer can afford a decent quality diamond with fair clarity and low color, if they are prudent in their choice. If you aim high, you may get the best quality diamond, but there is a price warning there.

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