An Ode to Hollywood Treasures

For decades, Hollywood has inspired fashion like no other industry. With the fashion and cinema industries working hand in hand, it is no surprise that they come with such stunning articles of fashion that make jaws drop and eyes pop. Trendsetters in Hollywood have given the audiences more reasons than just good performance to admire them, one of which being their refined taste in fashion. One sweeping glance at the award ceremonies in the last 20 years confirms this fact. Here are some of the flashy baubles from the red carpet events that deserve to enter in the list of Hollywood’s most timeless jewels.


Angelina Jolie’s Drop Pantone Emerald Earrings

Angelina Jolie’s appearance at the Oscar’s 2009 became an epic, thanks to her suite of jewelry. The actress wore a sweetheart neck gown with prominent side slits revealing her sartorial legs. But that’s apart  from the chief highlight of her attire. The actress sported a set of drop earrings that were fashioned using four sizeable chunks of deep green emerald. The ensemble completes with a dramatically oversized emerald ring that graced the index finger of her right hand. The beauty of the piece was its simplicity and minimal design. The earrings featured pear-cut emeralds that form the bottom dangler of the piece. The top studs are made with two large cushion-cut emeralds set in a minimal and delicate frame secured with four prongs.


Kate Bosworth’s Amber Earrings

Natural and earthy, ambers have a soft glow that make them interesting choices for spring jewelry. It is no surprise that the lovely Kate Bosworth looked bewitching in a pair of amber earrings. Hers were earthy brown, but amber comes in color green too. They create a gorgeous fire-ember look which impact the facial frame in a visual way making it look sharper. Bosworth’s amber earrings were a pair of oval-shaped luminescent amber stones pinned to easy-wear French hooks. The piece may not have been widely covered as Jolie’s magical emerald earrings, but they were worth a second look.


Julia Roberts’ Pear-Cut Ruby Necklace

Julia Roberts wore this piece in the classic Pretty Woman in 1990. The Riviera neckpiece features some 23 pear-cut dark red rubies set inside tiny diamond heart cases. The necklace custom-designed by French celebrity jeweler Fred Joaillier, this piece inspired a line of stunning neckpieces that were released in the following years.

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