Some Obscured, But Very Interesting Facts about Diamonds


All you April-born ladies out there, did you know that you have an extra reason to buy or get a diamond? Why? Because diamond is your birthstone. But, that is not to say that others have a lesser claim over these shimmery, precious stones. So, for all women, and men who have found themselves silently admiring the beauty of a diamond, here are some amazing facts that will blow your mind off. They might give you a new reason to celebrate these beautiful stones, or even an excuse to get one more for the collection.
Greeks and Romans in the ancient times believed that diamonds are tears of God that fell from heaven. The fire and vibrancy of the stones muted the logic of many who thought they were star dust that fell on the ground and scattered in different directions.
The earliest association of diamond and romantic love came from around this time when, spellbound by the beauty of these stones, men thought that it came from the tip of Cupid’s arrows.

If that fact led you to wonder how old these stones actually are, they are old enough for humans to compute their age or even take a guess. Some say that they are billions of years old. A closer estimate suggests that diamonds are three billions years old. But, a more scientific theory indicates that diamonds are as old as carbon. They have been naturally occurring in the nature for billions of years until they came to be discovered by humans.
So how did these dazzling crystals of minerals buried deep within the earth came into sight? They were spat out by volcanic eruptions. When the ashes cooled down and hardened, these stones sparkled from the heaps of charcoal ash. Hard to miss that, right?

Speaking of diamond’s chemical composition, they have a singular constituency. Diamonds are made of pure carbon, all of it. So, why some chunks of carbon change into diamond and others don’t? Under intense pressure and heat inside the earth, the carbon atoms combine with one another in a unique way to transform themselves into diamonds. Diamonds occur in coal mines in crystalline structures.

So, where did they get their name from? The word diamond comes from the Greek “adamas”. It means indestructible which diamonds are. They are the hardest substance on earth. Nothing can scratch a diamond but itself.

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