Some New Ways to Wear the old Brooch

The notion that a brooch is an accessory for older clientele is as erroneous as it can be. Unsurprisingly, it is the misconception that dominates the opinions of most. Notwithstanding the road block, jewelers are freshly promoting these decorative pins from the past centuries bringing them back to fashion once again. Runway models are sporting them in fashion shows and celebrities are endorsing them in their personal collection while the designers are busy crafting swoon-worthy pieces in their studios. While all that keep going in the background, here are some new ideas of wearing these pieces in fashionably different ways.

Some New Ways to Wear the old Brooch

Match New with Old: A fresh angle to the brooch style is to wear it with something flat-out new. For instance, try sticking a vintage pin to your cool new graphic tee-shirt. The modern flair of the shirt will clash with the classy, elegant look of the brooch creating a very unique sporty, but delicate combination that will be hard to ignore.

Wear It Right: Where you are wearing the brooch is vital to the style. Brooches are mostly worn on lapels of coats, left, right no matter, when in reality, the placement is crucial. Wear your brooch up front right at the center of your blouse or pin it to your buttoned up collar. It’s a different place to put it, but is definitely worth a try. Try sticking it on your hat or boot for a change. That looks equally fashionable. However, try not to tuck it in the middle of your dress or on your belt if chic is what you are going for.

Brooches Were Made for Blazers: Brooches were designed to be friends with blazers, and that’s a match that cannot be contended. So, after all the experiments, you can go back to pinning your favorite brooch on the bust of your plain black blazer. The punch will be hard to miss.

A Little Help Lighting Up the Boring Handbag: Lastly, if you have a plain purse that you have discarded because you find it extremely boring, it’s time to dress it up a little. Pick one of your brooches and tuck it on your most boring bag and watch it lighten up instantly. Brooches can be put on bags of all kinds, clutch purses to tote bags. So, next time you have an invitation for a dressy occasion, don’t forget to dress your bag up.

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