New Colors to Add to Your Jewelry Collection This Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to bring out the colors in your clothes and jewelers. Once again, you can wear the colors of the season without hiding behind a furry, wooly coat. This is the perfect excuse to make some vibrant additions to your summer jewelry collection. Colored gem studs are all over the place, and it’d be a shame if you do not grab a couple to go with your cute summer dresses. In need of some ideas to pick the best summer jewelry this year?


Colored Studs

New Colors to Add to Your Jewelry Collection This Spring
Nothing works better than colored gems when you want some vibrancy in your jewelry. Studs is the best place to start. This season, you need some bright, but economic studs. Why exhaust your savings on diamonds when you can get more than just a pair for the same price in other gemstones. Emerald, ruby and sapphire studs are aplenty in the market. Designed with diverse settings, these studs are versatile and timeless. They go with cocktail dresses, formals, party wear, summer dresses, hoodies and sweatpants and even jeans and tees.


Colored Bracelets

New Colors to Add to Your Jewelry Collection This Spring

Don’t stop at studs. If you have some money left from shopping for earrings, use it to get a lovely colored bracelet. Bracelets studded with rubies, emeralds and sapphires are in trend at this time. But why spend your money buying a ruby or emerald bracelet when you can get one that uses all the colors and more. Look for motley bracelets that use a bunch of different gems for the extra colors. They are a lovely pop of color in summer, hard to miss and not like.


Colored Stackable Rings

New Colors to Add to Your Jewelry Collection This Spring

If you are thinking colors, then think stackable rings. The collection of colored gem stackable rings in the market is enormous at this point. Take advantage of this to grab some spectacular gem rings that you can stack together to create a motley combination. Go for skinny bands that can be clubbed together to create a warm and colorful piece. Slip it into your middle or ring finger and you are good to go. Don’t forget the studs though.
To save money, you can get your older jewelry refashioned with colored gems for a quick update.

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