Why Do You Need A Diamond Grading Report?


Do you buy your daily essentials without checking the use-by date? Will you buy a house without the deed or even a car without registration and title? Then why will you invest in something as expensive as diamonds without ascertaining its quality and genuineness. It definitely makes sense that you insist on similar and extensive documentation before you purchase a diamond.
Diamond grading reports are not appraisal of a diamond. It is actually the scientific blueprint explaining the precise quality characteristics of a gemstone. A diamond grading report is an assurance that the diamond you have bought is a ‘natural’ diamond with complete disclosure of any particular treatment that has been used to enhance clarity or color. This report offers that type of clear evidence which is necessary for a confident purchase.


Diamond grading reports are usually provided by diamond laboratories. When it comes to diamond reports, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diamond Grading Report has been considered by fine jewelers as an esteemed credential for a diamond’s superiority and authenticity. GIA neither represents sellers nor does it sell diamonds. GIA acts as an impartial and independent entity for evaluating and providing comprehensive gemstone information.

The 4Cs of a diamond offers host of details about the quality, value, and characteristics of the diamond. The 4Cs were developed by GIA as the universal standard which helps in objectively comparing and evaluating diamonds. Diamond grading reports by prominent laboratories go beyond providing primary details like expert analysis of color, carat, clarity, and cut to contain vital information like plotting diagram which precisely shows various inclusions of a diamond. Any reputed diamond grading report should come with security attributes such as security screen, microprint lines, and a hologram to prevent the report from being duplicated or forged.

Diamonds are graded across multiple levels. Highly trained and expert gemologists, research scientists, and gemologists scrutinize each diamond and analyze, depending on its size. Every diamond undergoes numerous checks and cross-examinations by experts before it receives the grading report.
A diamond grading report is sought out by gem owners around the world thanks to the impartial and scrupulous evaluation it offers. It gives a buyer – an individual connoisseur as well as diamond merchants – the required assurance and credibility to invest in a diamond. Look for the diamond grading report when you are going to buy any diamond jewelry to make an informed choice.

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