Necklaces That Bring Back the Vintage Glamour

Do you like vintage and can’t seem to get enough of them? There is good news for all your vintage fashion lovers. The industry is at a point in time when resources are plentiful. Never before have designers been able to produce such spectacular pieces of jewels, and the reason for that is the abundance of techniques and technology, not to mention a long line of specimens to draw inspirations from. Vintage-inspired jewelry is a trend that is catching up with most people, whether or not they have always been a vintage jewelry person. Looking forward, the big names in jewelries are hoping to create more and more vintage inspired baubles that will fill the shortage of real antique jewelry in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives that can glam you up vintage style.

Victoria Halo
The Victorian elegance has been revived in some extremely beautiful vintage-inspired necklaces that are garnering huge attention. Using fancy gem cuts like oval and cushion, these necklaces are a delight to the eyes. The oval and cushion cuts embody the Victorian glamour, but that’s not all about these necklaces. The pendants are designed ornately in Victorian design themes that include curves and bends. Elegant and yet glamorous, these pendants come in vintage halo styles which are arguably divergent from the halos of today.
While some pendants are set with center stones elevated from the halo rings outside, in others, the gap is filled with a second concurrent ring of diamonds that sit between the center stone and the outer ring to create a thicker band outside.

Art Deco Emerald
If you want a little drama from the 1920s in your ornaments, then these Art Deco pendants will leave you breathless. Designed on the pendants found in the Art Deco, these jewelry mix the vintage with modern to create a poised version of pendants exhibit geometrical exploration of the era with the polish of today. If anything, these pieces directly appeal to the hearts of fashion lovers who know that inspired art is more than just a brazen imitation of the original. The pendants use emerald and Asscher cut stones that have clear lines and refractive facets that lend the jewelry the extra glamour.
There are plenty of other collections surrounding vintage-inspired jewelry that give us back the change to live the glory of the past without making massive expenses for it.

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