Necklaces and Necklines

The unavoidable connection between neckpieces and necklines have come to our eyes only very recently. Fashion experts, after years of research, have been able to make a formulaic association between the two, thereby putting together a helpful tutorial for the ladies around the world. According to their understanding, the two are intertwined, and choosing one cannot be without sparing a thought on the other. Or else, you will end up running your head on questions like “too long or too boxy”. Here is a little piece that can help you develop a comprehensive understanding what kind of necklace goes best with a certain kind of neckline.


Contrasting and Resembling Shapes for V Necks

A V-neck shirt or dress has a certain advantage. According to fashion experts, the neckline is perfect to wear a short elaborate necklace as well as one that goes far below the line. Some people like to contrast it while others like V shape pieces that are in harmony with the neckline. For contrasting matches, pick round necklaces that sit on your neck and reach not below an inch or two from where it starts. For longer chains with V pendants, pick something that easily reaches below the bust line for better effect.


Short Necklaces for Scoop Necklines

For scoop necklines, the best match is a short neckpieces of similar shape. The round necklace fills the exposed gap above the neckline making it look fuller. Feel at liberty to pick anything from the large and gorgeous section, as long as it comes in the desirable length. Riviera necklaces make the best match for dresses with scooped necklines.


Short Length Round Necklaces for Boat and Square Necklines

Deep square and boat necklines are common in blouses and dresses these days. The depth of the neckline is often confusing to handle. The lines are neither as need as the scoop style, nor high enough to be called a high neck. If it’s lower than the original boat cut, then go for a short, round neckpiece, preferably the ones that are twisted and intertwined.


Long Necklaces for High Necklines

Most ladies feel uncomfortably wearing a neckpiece with high necklines, when in truth, you can actually pair it fashionably with long and heavy pieces. They are very effective in drawing the attention towards the lower part of the abdomen, thus bringing about a nice balance in the levels.

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