Some Near-Perfect Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions, not only on their 25th or 50th time, but every time. It is the day that commemorates the nuptial union of two people, and more importantly the bonding of their hearts. So, it is almost imperative to present something lovely as herself on every anniversary. Now most people run out of grand ideas to gift after the first few times. So, here is us trying to keep you in business with some wonderful and precious gift ideas that will make for a memorable anniversary. They are worth her disarming smile and her warm ‘thank you’.


A Delicate Brooch

Here is something that can add a pin to her diva image. A decorative pin to sit on her fur coat lapel is a wonderful idea of a gift, particularly when you don’t mind spending a little extra. She will love it more than anything else you have ever bought her before.

A Pair of Emerald Drop Earrings

These beauties may cost you an arm and a leg, but they will be one of the best pieces of jewelry she have had. Angelina Jolie made a red carpet appearance in 2009 sporting a pair of these babies and fame was right at her feet that instant. As it is, the paparazzi doesn’t seem to get enough of her fantastic choice in jewelry and this piece was a landmark. So, gifting your wife with a pair of these dangler is a great way of making her fall in love with you all over again. Not only will she be totally swooned by the beauty of these earrings, but she will also be highly impressed by your taste.


A Pair of Princess-Cut Diamond Studs

If your woman is not much into jewelry, then there is still a way to win her heart with something that has diamonds in it. A pair of diamond studs is a welcome gift for one and all.

A Blue Diamond Pendant

Blue diamonds first came to our notice in the recent times when Titanic was released on the big screen. We all loved Jack’s artistic imitation of his elite beau, but for women, their attention was hooked on the wickedly beautiful diamond pendant that graced the neck of Rose. That pendant alone could turn any woman into a princess that very instant. Let the wonderful lady in your life enjoy some of that ecstasy by gifting her a priceless blue diamond pendant.


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