Multi-Diamond Engagement Rings are a great choice!


If one diamond in an engagement ring is good, a few more may be better. This is possibly the most important ring a person will receive in their lifetime. Diamonds can be eye clean, appearing flawless to the naked eye. If you’re looking at a diamond with outlines other than round, it’s called a fancy shape.

Three stone engagement rings can be created with emerald cut diamonds of different sizes, with two smaller ones flanking a larger central stone.

Three stone diamond engagement rings may also contain a heart shaped central diamond, which can be particularly meaningful for special occasions. Sometimes, the larger central stone is flanked by two others of a smaller size. A very famous diamond cut is called the marquise cut. This is a fancy shape that’s elongated and with points on either end. Its shape lends itself well to flanking central stones on three diamond rings. A lot of estate jewelry may have rings which contain marquise cut diamonds because they were and remain popular.

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