Mixed Metals: A Hot Summer Trend in Engagement Rings

Summer engagements are on, both among celebrities and common people. If you or anyone you know have gotten engaged this summer, you’d know that the prevailing trend at this time is colored gem rings. Those who want to stick to diamonds too have a variety of colors to pick from. Others who don’t mind exploring the other gems are swamped with choices, starting with high society options like emerald and rubies to low-profile ones like aquamarine and amethyst. That aside, there is one other thing that is prominent in wedding and engagement rings this year, and that is mixed metals.

Mixing of Metals in Bands
The mixing of metals in rings is slightly different this year. One particular style that is high in demand this year is the one which the front of the band uses one metal whereas the back uses another. Crafted by wielding two sheets of metal together, this style is the most popular mixed metal style this year. Although other kinds from the last year are still seen today, but this one is new and hot at the moment.
Other styles include two halves made from different metals and twin metal strips running along the circle of the band. There is another style which is gaining grounds among buyers in which strips of different metals are bundled and twisted to form the band. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are the four choices in mixed metals. Normally, the mix of white and yellow gold is considered most desirable.

14K or 18K
While mixed metal bands are a trend, a confusion is brewing in the minds of the buyers. They are often caught between 14K and 18K in gold. To help you unknot that confusion, 18K is the highest grade of gold that can be used to fashion a gem jewelry. As for 14K, it’s the grade below 18k. 18K gold has 75% purity whereas 14K has 58.3%. Speaking strictly of engagement rings, 18K gold is a more acceptable choice than the other. 14K gold wears off sooner than 18K and considering that engagement rings are worn for life, you want to pick something which is better in quality.
You can get your mixed metal band custom made at a seller. They take custom orders for all kinds of styles these days. They even help buyers design the rings from zero.

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