All about Mixed Metal Jewelry

So, after all what is the market going gaga about? Mixed-metal jewelry is on fire ever since it made its eyebrow raising entry in the market. So far, the market had seen gold and platinum jewels, gemstone, pearl and crystal studding, wire and solid designs, matt and high polish. Even the white, yellow and pink variants of gold are no longer a new sight in the galleries. Two-tone is now the in-thing and the trend has been brought forth by the mixed metal jewelry. A vignette on a mixed-metal piece from each category might help with the imagination.

A Crossover Ring
Sterling silver rings are a popular favorite among ladies who like to keep a tangle of finger rings in their treasure box but do not wish to settle for faux jewelry. This mixed metal ring is only a specimen of rings under the category. This is a stack-style ring with two twisty bands on either ends and sandwiched between them are two plain bands. These rings stack together in an overlapping alignment that gives it the appearance of separated bands more than a unified one. While all of that is crafted in silver, an X curved in gold and finished in high polish is set in the middle encompassing the top two strands. The ensemble of gold and silver stones, not to mention the gloss over the plain and twisted strands make for an eyeful.

Skinny Lobster Clasp Bracelet
Lobster clasp bracelets are common, but this one is not. This one uses a rose gold plaque in a rose gold chain glittering with cluster diamonds. While the soft pink hue is continuous throughout the built of the chain, what breaks the continuum is the lobster clasp at the back. The fastener is made of sterling silver and naturally has a silver tone to it. The chain link string extends to the back past the clasp to reveal a silver tablet hanging from its ends. The shimmer of white and pink with the glitter of diamonds at the front is lovely together.

Layered Necklace with Slice Pendants
Slice pendants is a high-street fashion that used to come with a designer label alone, until the brands for the general mass included the style in their catalogue. This when combined with the layered design of necklaces create a piece that offsets all traditional designs. The slice pendants each use a gemstone in its core that adds a pop of color to the string-thing necklaces they hinge from. The length of the necklaces are adjusted to give each pendant a fair amount of space to assert itself. The chains are made of yellow gold while the angular pendants that have a descending order of growthare platinum-made.

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