Mistakes to Dodge When Buying Diamonds

Radiant cut diamond earrings

Diamonds are incredibly expensive and shopping with ample care and consideration is the only way to go about it. Though all of us but learn from our mistakes, there is little room for errors in investments as this. It is privy to only a small section of the mass that the prospect of buying diamonds is fraught with risks. Though it may not be practically possible to cite everything that can go wrong with a diamond purchase, here are some really expensive mistakes that you may want to maintain some distance with. They have wrecked the finances of many in the past, and even broken their spirits badly. So, here is what you need to lend an ear to before you go diamond fishing.

Uncertified Diamonds Are Diamonds Too
This is the first road block that most people trip over on their journey to find the perfect diamond. Uncertified diamonds can be big and dazzling, but so are lab-made zirconias. There is no way of knowing if a stone you are sold as a diamond is actually a diamond without its certificates. GIA, AGS and EGL are the top 3 organizations that grade diamonds in the United States and Europe. Their grading is currently the standard in the market, and is accepted worldwide. So, if you buy a diamond, make sure these guys have stamped it.

Only a D Flawless Diamond is a Real One
The D Flawless is indeed the highest quality of diamond to occur in this planet. It is inexplicably beautiful and perfect, but it’s also heartbreakingly rare, which reserves its rights to be priced steeply. If you are not a collector or a merchant, an obsession for the D Flawless variety is only a hopeless addiction that will lead you on to a string of blisteringly costly purchases. Avoid that range if you don’t want to burn a fist-size hole in your pocket. As a matter of fact, the Very Very Slightly Included and Very Slightly Included ranges are not so bad to explore after all. Their imperfections will not catch your eyes unless you are wearing 100x magnifiers for glasses.

Diamond Has Only One Color and That Is Transparence
No, in fact, diamonds occur in at least 8 different colors other than that, pink green, blue, purple, orange, just name it.

A Diamond Merchant Is As Good As Any
Do not trust unidentified dealers for you may unknowingly be funding diamond smuggling cartels.

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