Minimal Designs That Make an Engagement Ring Stand Out

When the rest of the world is clamoring for elaborate, bold and all other flashy kinds of designs for their engagement rings, a section of the mass is quietly yearning for more delicate and minimal designs. Although minimal designs have gained a lot of grounds among the modern brides, the galleries still have a lot of room for more dainty pieces. If you are one of those buyers who believe that profound beauty lies in simplicity and not in grandeur, then you probably would want to learn more about these minimal designs that have been garnering a lot of attention lately.

Minimal Designs That Make an Engagement Ring Stand Out

The Classic Solitaire
For the devoted traditionalists, nothing is more attractive than the classic solitaire. If you are of identical opinion, then what you want is a classic prong-set diamond solitaire. Most diamond solitaire engagement rings are curved in white metal like gold or platinum. Rose and yellow gold are other available choices, though not very popular ones in this section. In settings, there are a few varieties to pick from. Four prong, size prong, either prong, cathedral, basket, and bezel are the most known choices of settings in classic solitaires. These designs are without a doubt clean, stripped of any unnecessary aggrandizement and therefore, very minimal.

Split Shanks
If you are a lover of minimal designs, and a modernist at heart, then classic solitaires might not be the best pick for you. The split shank however is a more fitting alternative, considering that it has a modern spin to the classic mold. These rings use diamonds in fancy cut designs which establish the difference, whilst the split shoulders of the band add an element of surprise to the traditional plain band.

Twisted Band
Twisted band is another variant of the above design, except that it goes a notch higher with the split shank motif. In this design, the split shoulders of the bands are intertwined to create a twist which makes the ring a smidge more romantic than others.

The Bare Bone Three-Stone
If the three-stone design fascinates you amply, then take a look at the three-stone classic ring which is again bereft of ornamentation. This design features three stones, the central one larger than those on the sides set on a plain band with no detailing or engravings. The stones can be round, princess or anything you like.

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