Merits of Custom-Making Your Engagement Ring

So much can be spoken in favor of customization that a start can be difficult to locate. Think of an engraved silverware as opposed to a store-bought stuffed toy. It’s rhetorical to ask which one will make a better gift. For the same reason, custom-making an engagement ring is a wiser choice than picking one from a store. To elaborate on that, here are some definite reasons that can be sighted as the upsides of jewelry customization. They are particularly favorable when it comes to engagement rings. Read on to know why you should be the designer of your engagement ring.

prong cathedral engagement ring

Craft Your Own Story
You have to be supremely lucky to be able to come upon a ring at a store that tells just your story. Every love story is unique and only the ones who have been in it can forge it rightly. You don’t have to be a poet or an artisan to be able to weave your story in the ring. The jeweler will do it for you. But your inputs in the matter is highly sought and valued. The jewelers know the language of design, and depending on your story, they decide the essence of the design. You will require to provide the theme, however.


Custom-Fit Everything to Suit Your Budget
The beauty of custom-designing your ring is that you have complete control over the price. With store-bought rings, the customers are required to agree with the pricing of the product. Whereas, with custom-made ones, you can decide how much to make it cost. You are at liberty to choose the types, carats, grades and numbers of gemstones and metals. So, when you are in full control, the final price doesn’t come as a shock in the end. If you know your limits, you will know where to stop.


Novelty Assured
The last thing that makes customization such a great option for people shopping for engagement rings is the originality promised. When yours is the only brain that is involved in creating the design, novelty comes assured with it. You don’t have to think out the design to its last detail. Get a sketchy draft of what you want, and the jewelers will develop on the idea. They will add flesh to the bone and the final product will be completely exclusive. How satisfying it is to create something that has no match in the world!

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