Matching Your Ring Setting with Your Lifestyle

Some say that the ornaments you pick are a reflection of your personality. More practical people say that your jewelry are a reflection of your lifestyle. The facts lie somewhere between the two. Your jewelry, when you pick them, reveal your taste, and therefore a part of your personality spills out from it. It is also telling of your lifestyle because, even the most impulse buyer makes her pick of jewelry judging by their lifestyle. If you think you are not a practical buyer or that you are not the best when it comes to deciding practically, then here is a guide to help you attain that in jewelry buying.

Matching Your Ring Setting with Your Lifestyle

Prong Settings for Everyday Use
The prong settings are those that rise from the shank and its grip to create a gentle elevation. Prong settings are purposed to place the stone such that it catches a good deal of light and sparkle abundantly. The prong setting is secure and enduring, and is a good setting for everyday use. That explains why it’s so copiously used in engagement rings which are but everyday wear.

Pave Setting for Special Occasions
Pave settings, unlike prong, integrate the gems into a surface giving the metal a paved appearance. Incredibly brilliant and attractive, this particular setting is often seen in luxe jewelry that are strictly not every day wears. Although fancy and brilliant, pave setting certainly doesn’t render a jewelry a one-time wear. So, don’t keep a fine pieces of jewelry locked away for a long time. Wear them off and on with matching outfits.

Micro Setting for Careful Use
Micro paving or microscopic paving is another kind of paving in which really small stones are placed on a metal band. Micro setting is when rows of really small stones are lined up on a band in a paved fashion. This setting does not collect too much dirt, nor does it snag on clothes. Yet it’s still not an everyday wear like a prong setting. So, even if you wear it every day, make sure not to expose it to too much stress and tension.

Bezel Setting for Active Lifestyle
The simplest and most secured setting of all is the bezel setting. It is practical, uncomplicated and perfected to withstand the challenges of an active lifestyle. So, no matter how much you use your hands during the day, this is the setting to pick to build an enduring ring.

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