Matching Your Wedding Band with Your Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is about finding the perfect piece that expresses your love for her, but when it comes to picking a wedding ring, things are a little different. The priorities shift to finding that one piece that embodies your relationship and commitment, and of course, that matches with the engagement ring. So, the idea is to find a band that compliments the engagement ring, but all the same, doesn’t look too similar to it. So, for all future husbands, here are some tips to find that perfect ring for your bride that makes the best match for her engagement sparkler.

Find Some Symmetry
On some level, both the rings should have some semblance. In that, the wedding band should complement the engagement so that they both look like two pairs of a set. This may be a little tricky to spot, but not so much when you break it down into some simpler points of focus. First up is the metal of the ring. You can either choose similar metals as they look more compatible together than rings of dissimilar makes. However, contrasting metals work too, but as long as you know how to match. Gold and platinum don’t really go together as wedding bands and engagement rings, especially if your bride wishes to stack them together. One will constantly wear the other out. So, a safe bet would be to pick something of the same metal.

Compatible Shapes
Since most brides like to wear their engagement and wedding rings together in their fourth finger, it is important that they fit comfortably. That brings us to the next element that plays a vital role in the selection. For the wedding band, do not pick something that has an intricate shape. As it is, engagement rings are usually a lot more elaborate and complicated. So, for the wedding ring, you need something simpler, something that fits well with the corners and crooks of the engagement ring. Always stress on the idea of pairing when picking the rings.

Complementary Gems
In all likelihood, the engagement ring that you have picked for her has a sizeable diamond atop. So, for the wedding ring, try a different gem that accentuates the diamond from below. Blue sapphire, emerald and even rubies make fine accompaniments to white diamonds. Try to avoid choices like pearls and opals as they do not make the best fit with achromatic diamonds.

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