Matching Wedding Band with Your Engagement Ring

Wedding bands and engagement rings are bought over a period of time where there is a considerable gap between the two purchases. Seldom does someone buy their wedding rings together with the engagement ring. While there should be a healthy pause between two top dollar purchases, it also introduces some complications in terms of finding rings that pair well with each other. Wedding rings can be bought in sets, but engagement rings are single purchases and that makes finding one matching the others quite difficult. But, there is a simple rule of thumb that can uncomplicate the matter and help you find the right match for your engagement ring easily. Let’s read more on that.

Matching Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring

The Fitting
The first thing to find out is if your engagement ring will sit flush when worn next to a straight wedding ring. The answer to that will dictate the choice of your wedding band. No matter if the answer is negative. The solution to that is already available in the market. To make engagement rings fit seamless with wedding bands, designers have come up with contoured and notched bands. These bands ensure all kinds of engagement rings to have a close fit with them. Elevated heads, elaborate designs, skinny stone rings, you name it and these bands offer a perfect cushion.

Contour Bands
These bands are custom-designed to have a curvature in the middle to provide a neat contour for the engagement ring. So, while the straight back supports the band of the ring, the curve at the front makes a nice seat for the stone of the engagement ring. That helps to accommodate both the rings in the same finger without one constantly chafing against the other.

Matching Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring

Notched Bands
However, if you are not a fan of curves in your wedding band, try the notched kind. These kind of bands are fully straight, only with a notch at the front where in the engagement ring stone can sit smugly without brushing often with the band. Notched bands can be customized to ensure a close fit to the design of your engagement ring. Notched bands when customized bring the two rings together like pieces of a puzzle. They fit smugly without moving or separating for as long as you wear them.

Contoured and notched wedding rings are not just plain bases for engagement rings. They are quite dramatic in designs and brilliant in aesthetics too.

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