How to Match Jewelry with Your Outfit


There is a downside of owning too many fashion pieces. It gets clumsy to settle which one to wear with which, or even know which piece makes the best match with which cocktail dress. Following the ideas of fashion blogs can be too formulaic. You need to have some originality in your dressing that takes you apart from the crowd. You can actually do the best mix and match between your clothes and jewelry even if fashion is not your strong suit. You just have to know the guiding parameters and how they work in making the choices.

The Point of Attraction
Every dress, every blouse, every outfit highlights a point in the body that calls all the attention to. When dressing, it is important to know which part of your torso is played up. If it is an off-shoulder dress, then the focus will be on the dent of our collar bones or the uneven of your bosoms. If it has a deeper neckline, then the obvious focal point will be the start of the cleavage. Picking the right neckpiece gets easier once you know that. You just have to pick something of the right length and size to further drive the attention to that spot. If you can hit that, then the chosen piece of jewelry will never go unnoticed. In case of a crop top, it is your belly button. A body chain makes the perfect piece of jewelry to sport there.

Dress to the Context, and Then for the Occasion
People often pick dresses to wear depending on the occasions they are headed to, but that is not necessarily in keeping with the context. Most people think that the occasion makes the context. Well, that is partly true, but there is more to the context than that. Think of the kind of people you will be surrounded by, the theme of the party and such. You don’t want to walk into a Halloween party wearing a gorgeous brooch stuck to your bust. Even though it’s exotic and in keeping with the mystical nature of the occasion, it does not make the best fit.

How Does It Go with Your Skin Tone?
When it comes to skin tone, people focus too much on that when picking clothes and makeup. Very little thought is given to if a piece of jewelry flatters one’s complexion or not. Actually, it can make the mix and match a lot more successful. Jewelry of the right color work to enhance the color of the skin, raising it to a noticeable degree. Don’t believe it?

Next time when you pick a piece of jewel, let this be your guiding pointer and watch the magic.

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