The Many Styles to Sport a Brooch


It is sad to learn how stodgy a reputation brooches hold despite their immense style factor. Recently, it has come to the notice of fashion kahunas that brooch among a sorted few others is the most under-utilized finery to exist in women’s fashion. Its use is even fainter than a pocket square. However, its dismal days are over because high street fashion has invented some fancy ways of wearing these stunning accessories. Unlike most ornaments that are worn only in one style, which is the intended style, this is one fashion artifact that has immense possibilities of styling.

On the Lapels
A brooch on the lapel is not a first-time style. In fact, when brooches were first introduced, they were meant for the lapels of dresses. The only difference between then and now is that women have real lapels in their clothes. Put on your waistcoat and stitch in a gorgeous brooch to the outward fold of the pronounced coat collar. It is the first thing people would notice after your face.

As Heavy Tweed Piercings
Winter is a dry season for accessory lovers. Since over-the-sleeve is not exactly everybody’s style, some like to hide behind the wooly coverings during the winter chill going fashion bare a whole season. Don’t choke the fashionista in you just because it is winter. Attach a lovely diamond brooch to your tweed front and walk the street making a style statement that no one has ever seen.

Collar Gildings
These decorative pins often find a place on the corner of collars. Now, what’s novel is sporting two of them on both sides. Add a little difference to the practice by pinning them to the round crew neck of a blouse. You can totally skip sporting a neckpiece for these two will do the magic manifolds better.

A Visor on the Beret or Bonnet
If your beret looks too mute, pin a brooch on the inclined side of the cap and watch the entire outfit light up instantly with just a little addition. Since berets are made of thin woolen yarns, they might not have the firmness of a usual hat. So, choose something lite and small to attach to the cap, or go for a bonnet.

A Heel Clip
No one had thought of this place for a brooch until the fashion experimentalists of the 21st century brought it out among their suggestions. A brooch makes a fine heel clip, but try to use it on one pair to create a different look. For high ankle boots, pierce a piece near the top hemline on the side of your shank. For belles and stilettos, try a spot near the ankle where they won’t chafe, nor hide under the legs of your trousers.

Roll-up Sleeve Button
A brooch is a great fashion accessory when worn on a rolled-up sleeve for it serves the twin purpose of holding the sleeve in place as well as accessorizing the casual outfit with something very rich and at the same time, cool.

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