A Man’s Ultimate Guide to Buying a Unique Engagement Ring


One cannot abruptly enter an engagement ring store and start looking for engagement rings. Apart from the fact that an engagement ring can be expensive and hence a big investment, it is also true that an engagement ring is a conveyor of your intense emotions. If you wish to show how much she means to you and why you want her in your life, a perfect engagement ring will do half the talking. For a girl, an engagement ring becomes a reflection of the man in her life. It becomes the reflection of the very love they share and the promises made. While it is easy to enter into any jewelry store and choose a ring, it is tough to choose the one that will best represent you, your love, your commitments and your respect for your partner.


Following is a step by step guide to buying a unique engagement ring:

Know Your Budget: It is true love knows no bounds. You may want to spend as much as you want for her, but that is not always possible. Setting a budget is important as that will ensure that you stay within your limits. It will also help the jewelers to show you the range of options available under engagement rings for women within that budget.

Know her Likes and Dislikes: More than anything, it is important to know her likes and dislikes. Imagine your state if after spending a large amount for the engagement ring, you realized it is not anywhere close to what she likes! Buying an engagement ring is a big investment and hence, one should be extra careful while choosing the ring.

Choice of Metal and Gemstone: Based on what she likes, you next need to choose a metal and the gemstone. The options are varied under this, but you need to be patient enough to see what will look best on her. While diamond is the most sought after choice, of late gemstones like sapphire, ruby, emerald and colored diamonds are also being favored. The gemstone should be selected based on your knowledge of the 4Cs which are crucial for the understanding of the quality of the gemstones. Above all choosing a gemstone shape is also a task as there are several shapes available today.

Choose a Ring Setting: Unique engagement rings demands a beautiful setting. You will come across an array of settings in different styles ranging from simple to the more sophisticated. Some of the most common settings are bezel, channel, pave, three stone, two stone etc,. If you do not find the setting of your choice, you can always opt for customization.

Know her Ring Size: Without her ring size you cannot go a step further. Seek the help of her friends or relatives to know her ring size. It has to be perfect as altering the size later becomes a messy affair.

Above all ensure that your diamond is certified by reputed diamond laboratories like GIA, AGS, EGL etc.

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