What Makes a Wedding Proposal Perfect?

There are very few things in life that can be planned and still fewer that come out as planned. A marriage proposal is one of them. No matter how many times you flip back to the idea-mining zone in your mind while at work hoping to come up with something incredible or how many tutorial articles you score to come upon gold nuggets, there is no guarantee that your proposal will be as awesome as you want it to be. But, just as mankind still has hope past hatred and violence, lovers still have a way an out from this impasse. If you find yourself in a creative cul-de-sac when thinking out proposal ideas, take a break. Though there is no tried and tested recipe that has fetched an easy yes, there are some subtle aspects that make a great package.

A Pretty Place
The choice of place is paramount. So, start the brain-storming from there. Every place has an ambience of its own. But with that, it is not to be mistaken that only an isolated and private space defines a pretty place. What makes best sense is to choose a place that she likes or a place where you had some memorable moments.

Lines That Reach the Heart
You cannot skip this step or outsource it to a friend. You have to write your own lines and it better not be just a string of clichés and independent overused phrases like “Marry me” and “Be mine”. Take a piece of paper, and on it, pour your heart out. Write down how you feel about her and what this relationship makes you as a person. Now single out excerpts, the most touching of them and your speech is ready, waiting to be delivered.

A Moment is a Spinoff of the Mood
People spend a lifetime waiting for their moment, only to realize that it had arrived and passed by without them even knowing it. So, don’t wait for the right moment. All you have to do is evoke a romantic mood and the moment will just appear out of the moment begging you to make the move. So, do not waste much of your mental energy on looking for the thunder. Like you knew when you want to put a ring on it, you will know exactly when to hold the right out to her and ask the big question.

Also, all gentlemen out there, please be a little choosy and practical when buying the ring.

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