How to Make Your Diamond Rings Look Bigger


We have seen our celebrities flaunting some of the chunkiest and most amazing diamonds on their slender fingers. And till date, we have always remained mesmerized, awed, and definitely jealous. These rocks are not just chunky and yummy, they are also equally high on price, and for the lesser humans it definitely costs a fortune.
However, there is no need to lose your heart over the size of diamonds and the hefty price, as you can also make your modest and pretty diamond look bigger and rocky just like your celebrity counterparts. And if you are losing sleep over getting caught red-handed with a not-so glamorous diamond ring, rest assured. With the effective employment of a few visual tricks and lots of smartness, you can also add that much need boost to your diamond ring and flaunt it with aplomb.

However, before you go ahead with any smart designs, it is vital that you know the various shapes and sizes of the popular diamonds as it will help you to make intelligent choices so that you can create an efficient illusion of a larger ring.
The Asscher cut, though generally more expensive than any traditional cuts like round brilliant or princess, can also produce the illusion of a bigger diamond ring. Even though the carats are less, but the ring will look sizes bigger. However, do not forget to get your authentication papers as these are the proof of the certification of your diamond ring.
The extremely popular diamond ring in halo design has become a rage amongst women. The ring with a number of encrusted smaller diamonds around the central diamond creates an astonishing halo illusion and that finally looks like a huge solitaire. Make an intelligent decision while you buy the ring, a simple center solitaire in the middle of the ring that is encircled with little diamonds will look exquisite. It will create a much-desired effect of higher sparkle and bigger look.

The Halo ring has also turned out be one of the most favorite choices for engagement rings. For people who want to be trendy and hot, well within their budget, a halo ring is the best possible option.
Creative thinking and intelligent shopping will surely benefit you with fashionable results.

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