Luxe Jewelry Gift Ideas

If it’s the 10th marriage anniversary, forget about cards and champagnes and flowers. 10th year calls for something special. If you are thinking romantic holidays, an even better idea is luxe jewelry. Whether it’s your 10th wedding anniversary or 20th, your wedding day gift or a token of apology, nothing fits an occasion better than a luxury piece of jewelry. This year, spoil your loved ones with something truly exquisite. This piece is the luxury jewelry gift guide for all who find themselves lost in an ocean of choices. Let’s find and emerge with the best piece your money can buy.


A Riviera Diamond Necklace

Surprise her with something that she will cherish. Surprises don’t get better than a diamond Riviera necklace. If you are not familiar with this name, it is the kind of necklace that uses an array of gems arranged in order of size where the larger piece appears at the center with the necklace tapering slowly towards the back. The graduating of diamonds creates a wonderful cascading effect making the necklace heavier towards the center and light and fading towards the back. It is truly timeless, and a perfect piece to put on for an event like an anniversary night.


A Diamond Bangle

A diamond bangle is a rare idea of a gift because too much attention is always invested on bracelets. From that point of view, a diamond bangle makes a truly exquisite anniversary gift. These bracelets carry diamonds in large numbers. They are close to bracelets in their flexibility, but carry the style quotient of an exotic gem bangle. Mostly curved in white gold or platinum diamond bangles also come in rose and yellow gold. Buy one or a set of different colored bangles for a full suite.

Luxe Jewelry Gift Ideas

A Pair of Diamond Drop Earrings

If you are thinking earrings, drop earrings call for a serious consideration. Gorgeous and beautiful, these earrings are quite an eyeful. Crafted to go with only the most exotic outfits, a pair of drop earrings is a woman’s asset. Drop earrings got their name from the droplet shape of the earrings.

Luxe Jewelry Gift Ideas
A Skinny Yard Necklace

Among delicate yet stylish ornaments, yard necklaces are a good pick. Skinny and short, these necklaces work with a variety of outfits. Delicate and chic, they complement all kinds of styles and personalities. Yard necklaces carry few gemstones placed at wide intervals that create a nice twinkling effect.


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