Lustrous, Striking, and Evocative: Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands, just like the name suggests, symbolizes a never-ending circle of love. An eternity ring, also referred as infinity ring, is a gold or platinum band embraced by a continuous line of identically shaped diamonds. Though can be gifted on any occasion, diamond eternity bands are traditionally given on a significant anniversary, typically after 50 years of marriage. Delicate and magnificent, diamond eternity band showcases a full circle of radiant diamonds. A blend of timeless elegance and modern style, this graceful piece of jewelry makes for an ideal souvenir for your wedding as well as anniversary.

Diamond eternity bands, since its inception in the 1960s, has remained one of the most popular and fashionable jewelry trends. You can find diamond eternity bands in diamonds of almost every shape and cut. Round brilliant are the most common shape of diamond in eternity bands. When it comes to shades, a diamond eternity band can feature diamonds and gemstones in any color. If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary, opting for a diamond band alternating between a translucent diamond and rich sapphire, emerald, or rubies, pavé set in either platinum or white gold creates a dazzling band.

The setting and design of diamond eternity bands offer an enormous and fascinating diversity. Think the regular prong, bezel, or channel set. Think something more. An infinity ring has one single band encrusted with smaller diamonds with the flowing curves of stunning infinity symbol. The pave and micropavé setting presents an intricate and refined design. A braided two row, a scroll band, cobblestone, or shared-setting – there is simply no dearth of designs when you are searching for a splendid and exceptional diamond eternity band. You can also play with the width of the ring – anything from 2.2mm, 3.7mm, to even 10mm – to find something neatly unique.

Another interesting and fashion forward way of wearing diamond eternity bands is stacking them together. Mix and match them separately or with your engagement ring to suit your mood and style while creating an inimitable look and extra sparkle. They are also a perfect choice for work wear or traveling as a beautiful substitute for your engagement ring.

Diamond eternity bands are stunning and versatile keepsakes that change and light up your style easily.

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