Loose Diamonds and Rings

More Options for Diamond Rings

When looking for the diamond ring of your dreams, you may find diamond bands for sale without jewels. Likewise, you might find stores offering loose diamonds to clients. Buying finished rings and loose stones have their advantages. For the latter, connoisseurs get more flexibility over their rings.

Part of the appeal of loose diamonds is the ability to make unique engagement rings. Selecting the diamond quality, shape and number gives more control over the final appearance of their jewelry. From there, a person can choose what settings, band and decorations they want.

Rather than buy new diamond bands, some couples may wish to update existing rings. Wedding bands with new jewels then become diamond anniversary rings, and so on. This may be especially nice for those who want something new but love their current rings.

Sometimes, a person finds their ideal diamond before they see a ring they like. From here, they have a few choices. They can find a ring they admire with a compatible setting and have the original jewel replaced. Or the client can design a ring around their diamond they feel will draw out the stone’s best qualities.

ValentinMagro.com wants to help couples find the diamond bands that’s best for them. We offer a create-your-own-ring feature complete with a choice of diamond. Ready-made rings are also available. Those who want unique diamond rings should look into our loose diamonds and custom work we offer.

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