How to Look for Unique Engagement Rings


When it comes to the most special day of your life, you wish to make every moment special. Now that you have decided to go down on your knees to propose to the love of your life, it is imperative for you to pre-prepare to make it special and memorable. The first prerequisite is an engagement ring. A proposal requires not just any engagement ring, but something which will instantly bring a smile on her face. After all a unique engagement ring is one which will best reflect her personality and style and conform to her lifestyle.

Unique engagement rings need not necessarily have to be bought directly from the store. They can be made more unique if they are customized. Customization opens the door to a much bigger canvas where you can freely set down to architect a ring she will fall in love at first sight with. If a unique engagement ring is what you want, opt for customization. They may turn out to be a bit expensive, but not as expensive as the smile on her face.

Customization opens your opportunity to explore. You can not only go for a unique setting or a unique design, you can even go for engraving of a special message. An engagement ring is something that will be a part of her life forever. Hence, you need to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and does not pose as a hindrance to her daily activities, especially if she is into sports, or any physical activities. While platinum engagement rings are a very popular and sought after choice, white gold engagement rings also make for an excellent option.

Another way to make your engagement ring unique is to opt for the lesser known cuts like pear, cushion, marquise, heart, Asscher, emerald etc. The round and princess cut have dominated the scene for decades. They have become so common that you will come across at least one or two sporting them in a gathering. So if you wish to make her engagement ring more unique, opt for a more uncommon cut. You do not have to compromise on the fire and brilliance because cuts like pear, marquise, oval etc have the same brilliance and fire of the round cut but in a more unique shape. The emerald, cushion, and asscher cut on the other hand may not have that fire and brilliance, but it is in its own way exceptionally beautiful. They do have a subtle shine which is pleasing to the eye.

In order to lay your hand on a unique engagement ring, you need to spare some good amount of time. In addition, step into a store that caters to customization and which will genuinely help you out to get what you had always desired.

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