A Leaf From the Care Manual of Diamond Jewelry

Caring for your diamond jewelry is like a duty you owe to the spectacular artefacts you spent a fortune each in obtaining. So what does one do to care enough for these precious pieces to keep them shimmering and sparkling forever. Some people are very protective of their diamond assets so much so that they wear them only once in a blue moon. Preserving the luster of the ornament is not synonymous with securing them inside a vault. Expose them to the wear and tear of everyday, but that’s ok as long as you have a care regime on the run every once in a while.

Clean, But Don’t Scrub
Cleaning a diamond ornament is not the best time to let the OCD take over. Clean to add to its life, not depreciate it in mass and magic. First things first, pick your cleaning solution wisely. Whatever cleanser you use, make sure it does not contain anything abrasive or acidic. It can not only affect the stone, but can also impact the metal adversely. The safest cleaning solution is a homemade mix of tepid warm water and toothpaste.
Use a discarded toothbrush to rub out grime from the cracks and crevices of the design. Do the top, but equally important is the bottom or inside of the ornament. This solution does not leave behind a soapy scummy residue inside. Rinse well though. Shake it dry and let the residual moisture evaporate and what you have is a sparkler.

Better Safe than Sorry
There is no guarantee that what you own, you own forever. Small things such as ornaments are the firsts to get misplaced. Because owners are so finicky about where they are keeping them, they end up losing them sooner than expected. But don’t lose your money with it. Get your diamond jewelry insured so that even if your memory fails you, it does not drain out your purse. Let the insurance policy take care of the money involved, should you lose a diamond ornament.

Scratches Are Real
Yes, scratches and chafes are real, and they show. So, when your diamond-clad hands are at work, be sure to not make rough motions. Go gentle so that even if the jewelry hit against the surroundings, they don’t end up with a glaring scratch on them. A clink and jingle is okay, because diamond is a hard stone and can take some bumps alright. But, you should be careful that you are not abusing its resistance. It is best to take them off when doing dishes, laundry, gardening or even when you are working out. You don’t want to bend a prong or get a dent.

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