Layered Bangles Replacing Single Pieces in the Everyday Wear Section

Bangles hardly appear in the every day section of jewelry, and that particularly owes to one reason. Bangles are usually heavy, ornate and gorgeous, something that one won’t prefer wearing to work or shopping. But, your love for bangles doesn’t have to be hurt by that anymore. Layered bangles is the new age everyday designer bangles that go with pretty much everything from golden gowns to formal pantsuits. They are light, minimal and exquisite. With these three elements put together, bangle sets are a huge success with women of all generations and tastes.

Layered Bangles Replacing Single Pieces in the Everyday Wear Section

A Closer Look
You may have heard about layered bangle sets already, but no matter, if you haven’t. At this point, jewelers are marketing them under different catchy names, but for the sake of easy understanding, let’s just call them bangle sets, the name they first came to be known by. Riding the concept of stackable rings, these bangles come in a set of three, or more. But, to avoid putting three separate bangles together in a row and tying them up with a charm or link, the designers decided to go creative there. These bangles are interlinked in the way that each is intertwined with another through an open end which is later sealed and wielded. So, when the bangles are finally put on display for sale, they look quizzically interlinked.


Bangle Sets with Casual and Formal Outfits
The match of bangles with party outfits is timeless, and these bangles do not subvert that. As for formal and casual wears, these bangle sets are particularly designed to go with such light wear. These bangles, since they come in a set of three or more, are uniquely thin and light, and are often detailed with subtle designs that, by no stretch of imagination, can be called ornate. The designs are strictly minimal which make them a chic accessory with all kinds of outfits. Sometimes, the sets are put together using a mix of textured and smooth bangles, a combination that has been very well received by the crowd. Every once in a while, the designers hook in a little charm or tag for a nice touch.

Bangle sets are normally a lot cheaper than regular single pieces because they often use very low quantity of gold or platinum. They come in a set of variable pieces and are customizable.

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