Latest Trends in Wedding Bands for Women

A wedding band becomes your companion for life since the day, it is slipped on your finger. It should therefore be a piece you would love to fall in love with each day. It should be something you will be glad of, something you would love to flaunt and something you will never want to part with. Contemporary diamond wedding bands for women speaks affluently of style. They come in a range of exclusive and intricate designs and are no longer a thing of a simple metal band. Choosing them takes as much time as choosing an engagement ring today, due to the availability of myriads of designs in different metal bands and gemstones.

Let us take a look at the latest trends doing their rounds in the market:

  • Eternity Bands: A great substitute to the traditional wedding rings, eternity bands are now ruling the scene. This type of band features diamonds that run all along the outer edge. They are an absolute stunner. You have the option to opt for diamonds in various shapes, a metal of your choice and a finish that will further enhance the look. Eternity diamond wedding bands come in a range of unique designs and styles and it is on you to decide what will best suit your personal style.

  • Five Stone Diamond: The five stone diamond wedding band is exactly what the name implies. This type of wedding band features five diamonds elegantly placed on a metal band of your choice. Simple yet sophisticated, they are cost effective and are ideal for everyday wear.
  • Wedding Bands with Intricate Details: Another trend that is fast taking over the others is the wedding band with intricate details, unique designs and even colored gemstones. They are meant to be completely different and unique from the engagement ring so that a one-of-a-kind look can be achieved. They are apt for someone with a simple engagement ring or someone looking to make a bold statement with their wedding band.
  • Mixed Metal: Another huge trend is the trend of mixing metals. If your engagement ring is of platinum, you can make a style statement by opting for a wedding ring in rose gold or even a yellow gold. This trend is about finding a wedding band that is of a completely different metal than your engagement ring. Hence, don’t be afraid to look for a wedding band in a different metal type than the engagement ring you are wearing
  • Stackable Wedding Band: An increasingly popular and most sought after trend is the stackable wedding bands. Stacked rings are not only fun, they look great and make an impressive fashion statement. Different combination of slim bands, in precious metal settings and designs give one the opportunity to carve out a unique style of their own. The slim bands can be of pave, braided or channel setting, can have a set of gemstones of your choice and in your own preferred choice of metals. You can also opt to stack wedding bands of different metals; like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, white gold, etc. This trend is not only eye-catchy, but stunning and colorful as well. They are versatile and are here to rule the fashion industry for long.

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