Some Last Minute Gifts That Can Never Fail


Dates are confusing. If that brought you all the low scores in history, you might be quite a backbencher when it comes to remembering them in your everyday life. Though forgetting a day or two a year is understandable, it usually ends up hurting feelings. There is only one way of breaking the ice and making it up to the person. Turning up with a superb gift is the best way of compensating for the indelicacy. Now, most people are not good with selecting great gifts when it is a last minute pick. Holiday gifts should be unique, and most importantly, it should make the other person feel special. So, here are some ideas that can cut the job of brainstorming for you.

A Diamond Signet Ring
Very few can beat this one, which is why it has been placed on the top of the list. A holiday is the perfect occasion to gift a diamond signet ring. Pick a platinum band with a stone studded signet on top. It not only adds a special personal value to the ring, but also makes a great everyday wear. It is romantic when you gift it to someone special, and meaningful when it’s an old friend. There are only very few occasions where gifting a signet ring can go wrong.

Perfume Oil
Women love fragrances and a perfume oil is the newest sophisticated entry in the gift market. These heady oils might come for a price way steeper than a perfume, but they are very classy. They come in small, dainty bottles that are enclosed in small wooden boxes. The packing of these bottles is so thoughtfully done that you might as well skip wrapping it.

Crystal Stretch Belt
Stretch belts make great dress accessories. Women love them, and more so if they are woven in crystals. If you mean to offer something substantial to the object of your affection this holiday, then pick a stretch belt made of Swarovski crystals. Don’t worry about the size, for it’s a one-size-fits-all item.

Skincare Essentials
A woman can’t possibly not be delighted by a hamper of skincare products. However, you might have to know her skin kind and skincare regime for picking this one. Alternately, resort to the saleswoman for a quick guidance. Go herbal to make a safe buy.

Leather Flask
A leather flask makes for a great handy chalice. Only, it is a lot sleeker and deeper. Leather flasks look much cooler than hipflasks and has a very rich feel about them. Try picking anything in the tan shade for the best aesthetics. Watch a smile light up at the first sight.
These goodies may stretch your budget a little, but they for sure, will tide you over the awkwardness.

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