Know What Causes Diamonds to Lose Their Luster

A diamond is an expression of perfection. But without its shine and polish, it is pretty much as counter-aesthetic as a rock of alum. Customers across the world spend thousands of dollars to acquire diamonds to add to their collection. But, with time, these diamonds become less interesting than those put out on display in the stores. That piece of fact leads us to the question- Does the luster of diamonds have a shelf-life? Is there a particular treatment that these stones need to continue shining like the first time? No, they don’t. Diamonds shine forever, if you can keep them away from certain corrosive agents. Here are some things that are eating away the shine from your diamonds right under your nose.

Soap and Water
Soap and water from your shower can dim the shine of your diamonds. Soap sum is the worst enemy of jewelry. Take them off before you step into the shower. Though you may argue that with same soap and water being used to clean jewelry at home. In reality, the solution used to clean diamond ornaments at home is prepared from a heady mix of shampoo and water. The treatment does not leave behind scum in the crevices of the pieces and that’s what makes all the difference.

Sweat and Dirt
Constant exposure to sweat and dirt is another reason why diamonds lose their shine so quickly. The sweat from our body mixes with the oil in the pores to create a gooey mixture which combines the dust particles from the air to create a pretty disgusting scum. When diamonds are dabbed with them all day long, you can’t expect them to look very bright and shiny for the fact alone that they are diamonds.

Deodorants and Perfumes
Both deodorants and perfumes have corrosive chemicals that may or may not affect your skin, but definitely diminishes the shine of diamonds. So, avoid spritzing your ornaments with them when spraying them on your skin. In fact, try to put your jewelry on after you have applied a perfume and it has dried off.

Mousse and Blush
Another major shine deterrent is makeup products. Dust from blush can shadow gemstones robbing them off their shine and luster very easily. Same goes for mousse and other kinds of base makeup products. Slapping them on your skin may brighten your face, but it does exactly the opposite for your jewelry.

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